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Adhesives, Fillers & Sealants

- Repair -


Epoxy Filler

Version Reference
560G TIN 360328
- Repair -

Gelcoat Filler

  • Tried and trusted white filler for repairing holes, cracks or scratches in GRP
  • Repairs and fills surface scratches , holes, etc, in glassfibre hulls and superstructures
  • Supplied as a white paste which can be pigmented
  • Sets in 20 minutes
  • Can be polished to a gloss finish
  • No painting required
  • 180ml Tin

Version Reference
 180g 2074745
- Repair -

Watertight filler

For use on GRP surfaces when non-permeability is of paramount importance. Made from a resin which is highly resistant to chemicals and water.  2 Part Pack.
Version Reference
500 g tin  005153
Adhesive Treadmaster Epoxy
Adhesive Treadmaster Epoxy


Two pack epoxy adhesive designed to provide the ultimate in bonding.  5Kg.


Bonda Marine GRP Filler 500g YC Nautic Filler


Gelcoat Filler 180ml Tin
Gelcoat Filler 180ml Tin


Glass Fibre Filler  750g
Glass Fibre Filler 750g



Glass Fibre Filler 750g Tin



Glass Fibre Filler130ml Tube



Hempel Epoxy Filler 130ml Tube


Marine Epoxy Filler Giant Tin 560g
Marine Epoxy Filler Giant Tin 560g


Profair Epoxy Filler 1kg
Profair Epoxy Filler 1kg


Profair Epoxy Filler
2 part


Sikaflex 291i Sealant Black 300ml Catridge



Treadmaster Contact Adhesive 1L



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