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Gear lubricant Titan Marine Gear MP

250 ml tube.
85W-90 extreme pressure lubricant designed
for outboard gear and Z-Drive transmission systems.
• Anti-corrosion additives protect the mechanical transmission gear.
• Marine growth repellent.
Meets specifications API GL5, MIL-L-2105 D.
Labelling in English, French, German and Dutch.
Can the lubricants selected by Plastimo be used
with both unleaded and leaded fuels ? 
Yes, they work equally well in either.
What is a TC-W specification ? 
TC-W sets the standard for 2-stroke outboard oils. Most lowergrade
oils have a TC-W or TC-W2 rating. The Plastimo selection
has the highest possible (TC-W3, 1997) rating, and is therefore
recommended by many engine manufacturers. You should look
for the "R" initial which is the proof that the oil complies with
the latest 1997 approval.
Can the Plastimo Outboard oil selection be used
for both premix and oil injection systems ? 
Yes, our Outboard oils are especially formulated to be entirely
suitable for either system in any 2-stroke outboard engine.
Why should I use a high performance oil in my boat ? 
Even the smallest of today's outboards is a high-performance
engine. A high performance oil will more than return its small
extra cost in the form of extended engine life and reduced
whole-of-life costs.


Multi-purpose Renolit grease

250 g. tube.
NLGI 2 grade.
White marine grease particularly designed for greasing engines and marine accessories.
• Excellent protection against corrosion
• Good mechanical stability
• Easy to pump
Labelling in GB, FR, D, NL.

Renolit FEP 2 grease

400 g tube.
NLGI 2 grade.
Extreme pressure, multi-purpose grease, recommended for standard temperature and load conditions.
• Good mechanical stability
• Easy to pump, even at low temperature
• Good protection against corrosion
• Excellent stability.
Labelling in GB, FR, D, NL.
Grease Titan Marine Renolit Multi 250 Grm.
Grease Titan Marine Renolit Multi 250 Grm.


Titan Renolit FEP2 400 Grease
Titan Renolit FEP2 400 Grease



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