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2 Stroke


Titan Marine TC-W3 lubricant for 2-stroke outboard petrol engines


High standard semi-synthetic,     specifically designed to     lubricate 2-stroke and jet ski     engines.  


Reduces harmful deposits, ring-sticking,     provides effective     protection from friction     and wear and good resistance to corrosion and rust.
    Titan Marine TC-W3 features :
  • Exceptional cleanliness of internal engine.
  • Protection against sticking piston rings.
  • Low viscosity ensures a stable homogeneous mix.
  • Excellent stability in unleaded petrols.
  • Red colour designed to show up in fuel mixes.

Volume Reference
1 L 40258
2 L 53269
5 L 40259
20 L 40260
205 L 40261
Meets the NMMA-TC-W3 specification

Premium outboard oil TC-W3 (1997)

Formulated to the highest (TC-W3) standard, it is a self-mixing oil and provides maximum protection for unleaded or leaded petrol engines. 
Suited for use in all pre-mix or oil-injection outboard motors (ratio 1 % minimum ; refer to manufacturer's instructions). 
The ashless formulation minimises harmful combustion deposits whilst the blue colour is designed to show-up in fuel mixes. 
Special rust and corrosion inhibitors minimise internal engine damage.
This oil exceeds the stringent specifications called for by the world's major engine manufacturers.
Volume Reference
1 L 48725
4 L 48726
20 L 29975
Meets the NMMA TC-W3 (1997) specification
Labelling in : 
* GB, F, NL, I, E, PT, GR, S, FIN, DK, N.
** GB, F, NL, I, E, PT, D, S, FIN, DK, N.

Biodegradable outboard oil TC-W3 (1997)

A biodegradable, 100 % synthetic oil for use in all 2-stroke outboard engines. 
The unique and advanced formulation ensures exceptional performance, exceeding the specifications required by all manufacturers of outboard engines.
It guarantees perfect protection to your engine and to the environment. Selfmixing, either directly to the fuel itself or via a separate oil tank, up to a ratio of 1 % (refer to manufacturer's instructions).
Equipped with a measurer.
Volume Reference
1 L 48727
Meets NMMA TC-W3 (1997) specificationBiodegradable according to standards ICOMIA (CEC L-33-A-94) and OECD 301
* Labelling in : GB, F, NL, E, PT, D, S, FIN, DK, N.
Oil Titan Marine Tcw3 1L
Oil Titan Marine Tcw3 1L


Oil Titan Marine Tcw3 5L
Oil Titan Marine Tcw3 5L



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