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Pingi dehumidifier

Pingi moisture-absorber is a simple, eco-friendly and money-saving solution protecting your boat from the effects of excess humidity.
It purifies closed spaces by reducing the relative humidity of ambient air. Pingi dehumidifier leaves no chance to moistures, preventing the development of stains and musty odours.

Non-toxic: because Pingi is totally safe, it can be used anywhere, even in spaces where children and pets are used to play.
Ready-to-use: Pingi does not require any electrical power.
Money-saver: it is endlessly reusable.
Eco-friendly: it never leaks or overflow. It does not need to be re-filled.

The granules absorb humidity and hold it until saturation. The boat printed on the face of the bag changes from blue to pink when the dehumidifier reaches its saturation point. Pingi moisture-absorber can be recharged by simply placing it in the microwave oven for 8-15 minutes max. It releases its water vapour and can be used again.
•Absorbing material: SiO2 granules.
•Begins to work at approx. 55% humidity.
•Absorption capacity: 200cm3/20cl.
•Recommended volume: 1 Pingi bag for a 3 to 4-sqm space.

Portable Dehumidifier

Ideal to prevent mould and mildew.
• Power: 220 V/ 220 W.
• Humidity control switch.
• Water can be collected in a built-in tank or flowed out through a drainage hose.
• Works ideally in well insulated closets/cabins up to 160 cubic meters.
• Auto-defrost when temperature is below 12°C.
• An air inlet filter traps the dust. Clean the filter at regular intervals.
Supplied with a universal adapter

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