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Foot pump

Heavy duty foot pump particularly suitable for synthetic or rubber coated boats.
• Glassfibre polyamide plates.
• Reinforced coated bellows.
• all metal parts stainless steel.
• Reinforced hose.
• Universal adaptor.
Version Reference
6.5 L capacity 10157
6.5 L capacity + manometer 55669

Double chamber pump

Allows for 800 mBar max. pressure.Ideal for inflatable floor tenders.
Version Reference
5 + 1,5 L capacity 55275

Electric inflator 12 V

Ideal to inflate large units. Integrated pressure control.
Output 450L/min. Operates on 12-volt battery. Power consumption 10 amps/h. Supplied complete with nozzle fittings and clips to connect to battery.
The model supplied with battery offers a 15-minute battery lifetime when fully charged. Supplied with cigarette-lighter charger.
Model Reference Max
A Without battery 39326 300 mBar 12 V -15 A
A Without battery 47534 800 mBar 12 V - 20 A
B With 7Ah battery 55670 800 mBar 12 V- 20 A
Reference Description
55674 Option : battery charger with universal socket.

Air pressure gauge

Helps checking the pressure of inflatable tenders and boats. Fits easily on the inflator connector.

Stirrup pump

Stirrup type pump which will take the backache out of inflating fenders.
Constructed totally of plastic materials for rust free, low maintenance, this pump comes complete with hose and nozzle fittings.
Version Reference
Double action, 120 litres/min 14301
Double action, 300 litres/min 10386

Electric inflator

Automatic electric compressor, to inflate pneumatic boats and fenders. Pressure control maximum 300 mBar. Output 200 L/min. Operates on 12 Volt battery. Power consumption 9 Amps.
Supplied complete with nozzlefittings and clips to connect to battery.

Electric inflator

Suitable to infate or deflate all inflatable structures.
Comes with 2 m hose and adaptors.
Reference 37213
Output 800 L/min
Pressure 190 mBar
Power 700 Watts
Voltage 220 V
Overall dimensions
Length x width x Height
240 x 130 x 130 mm
12v DC Inflator Deflator Cigar lighter plug 700l/min 80mbar 1.2psi
12v DC Inflator Deflator Cigar lighter plug 700l/min 80mbar 1.2psi


Bravo 6 Hand Operated Stirrup Pump (2 x2500cc)
Bravo 6 Hand Operated Stirrup Pump (2 x2500cc)



Electric Inflator Superturbo 300Mbar



Foot Pump 6.5L



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