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Horns & Whistles


Trump and Mini-Trump

Combines the powerful blast of sound of a gas fog horn, with the simplicity of a mouth horn : delivers over 100 dB with no effort.
Operates on the vibration of a plastic  diaphragm, which can easily be replaced with any thin plastic film.
Hard-wearing, colourfast, nature-friendly and  economical.
Virtually can't be lost, because it floats. The Mini-Trump is the more compact version.
Base Trump Mini-Trump
Reference 27180 37894
Length 195 mm Adjustable from87 to 163 mm
Diameter 70 mm 50 mm
Weight 140 g 50 g
Colour Yellow  Yellow-Black 
Packaging Comes in a tube canister, with lanyard and 2 spare diaphragms. Shell pack.

Gas fog horn, screw-on type

200 ml canister.
Ozone friendly.
Type of gas Fog horn, complete Spare canister
Inflammable 27744 27745
No flammable 27178 27179


2-tone whistle, manufactured from polystyrene. Equips all buoyancy aids.
Mini Trump
Mini Trump


Plastic Whistle
Plastic Whistle





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