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Dan Buoys


Inflatable personal dan buoy manual activation

In the event of a man overbooard,the victim activates the inflation manually by pulling the toggle.The inflated dan buoy increases considerably the visibility of the victim.
To be attached to a belt (on foul weather gear or lifejacket).
Dan buoy in neon yellow nylon,polyurethane coated.
Height above water when inflated : 1.80 m.
Equipped with : 
-red and yellow flag (21 x 14 cm),
-retro-reflective tapes,
-oral inflation tube,
-light (option).
Comes in a PVC pouch with belt attachment.
Dimensions (in pouch)  : 
11 x 14 x 7 cm,without light,
11 x 16 x 8 cm,with light.
Version Reference
Without light 53482
Description Version Reference
Webbing belt option) 53485
Checking and servicing your inflatable Dan buoy or lifebuoy : 
To ensure that your inflatable Dan buoy or lifebuoy is fully operational when needed, we strongly recommend that you check them and have them serviced at regular intervals.

•        Before putting off to sea, you can easily inspect their general condition visually, by checking the main components (container, inflatable chamber, retro-reflecting tapes, CO2 gas cylinder -check that the cylinder is tightly screwed -, firing head, safety light -check the date of the light -). Replace the re-arming kit if necessary. 

•        We recommend that your Dan buoy and lifebuoys should be serviced at regular intervals. A complete servicing session includes checking the inflation system and the airtightness of the chamber. 
Plastimo advises you to keep one spare kit for each Dan buoy and lifebuoy on board.

List of our authorised service stations :

Telescopic IOR Dan buoy

Ergonomic design and superior stability.
Complies with the ISAF/ORC racing regulations.

Features : 
• 1 fibreglass telescopic dan buoy with 1/4 twist fastening.
• 1 ergonomic and shockproof cylindrical PVC floatation buoy (height 360 mm, Ø 180 mm/80 mm).
• 1 man-over-board red and yellow flag 450 x 350 mm.
• 3 m of floating rope to attach to a lifebuoy.
• 1built-in st. steel ballast.
• 1clip and lanyard to keep the flag rolled up.

To obtain a Dan buoy with light, simply add the optional light kit. When fitted, light is situated 2.30 m above the waterline. Powered by a 9 V battery.
When the Dan buoy is thrown into the water, the lanyard detaches the clip from the light, which then activates automatically the light. 
To fit the light to the Dan buoy, simply push the bayonet fitting into the top of the Dan buoy.
Height Height above water
extended telescoped
3.52 m
(3.64 m with optional light kit)
1.95 m
(2.07 m with optional light kit)
2.30 m
(2.42 m with optional light kit)
Version Reference
• Orange 55664
Version Reference
• Fixed light kit (supplied without battery) 16205
• Spare flag 10742

Telescopic Dan buoy holder

316L stainless steel, totally maintenance-free.
Its design makes it a clever product that fits easily on 18.5 and 25.5 mm Ø pushpits/backstays, by means of 2 fastening lugs.
Ior Danbuoy Person Inflatable With Light
Ior Danbuoy Person Inflatable With Light



Personal Inflate Dan Buoy Belt



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