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Marine Water Heaters


20 and 40-litre water heaters

Power supply available from : 
• 220 V board circuit (alternator) 
or dock supply.
• Engine cooling system.
Thermostat is adjustable from 45 to 75°C.
Average temperature evolution 220 V
Power supply
220 V Engine
20 litres
+ 65° C + 75° C
40 litres
+ 50° C + 60 à 70° C
Capacity Reference Power Resistance Dimensions
Length xØ
20 L 14372 220 V 800 W 41 x Ø 35 cm 10 kg
40 L 14373 67 x Ø 35 cm 13 kg

10-litre water heater

Powered exclusively by the engine cooling
system, the 10-litre model is particularly
suitable for smaller craft with an in-board
motor and no existing water circuit on board.
No need to re-fill constantly the water heater
with cold water.
Installation requires no electric source.
Running the engine provides water heating
to more than 50°C in a few minutes.
It is then kept hot and available at any time
during the day.
Capacity Reference Dimensions
Length xØ
10 L 42911 22 x Ø 34 cm 4 kg
As water is released exclusively by gravity,
the water heater must be placed as high as
possible in relation to the tap.

Water heater
Engine cooling
Tank Pump
Anti-return valve

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