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 You can speak to our friendly staff,who owns and sails a yacht, and browse our products on line.


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The Yacht Shop is a major supplier of the leading boat chandlery brands:

Plastimo - Guy Cotten - Gill - UKHO - Jabsco - Aquafax - International - Blakes - Musto - English Braids

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Deck & Hull, Hardware & Fittings

Deck and Hull, Hardware and Fittings

Bow Rollers
We have several Bow Rollers including: 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, BR76

Cleats and Cam Cleats
We have several Cleats and Cam Cleats including: Bollard, 'K' Maxi, Top Flead, 'K' Midi, Pillar, Fairlead, Ali, Racing, Solid, Base, Trapeze, Polyamide, Jamming, Flat Top, Galv, Gunmetal, Power Grip, Shroud, Horned, Bollard, Lacing Eye

We have several Clips including: Burgee, Rubber, Tube, Crocodile, Deck, Flag, R Clip, Rig, Bait, Spar, Spring, Terry, Bzp, Zinc

Eyebolts & Eyenuts
We have several Eyebolts and Eyenuts including: Stainless Steel, Dynamo, Wood Thread, Various Sizes

General Hardware & Fittings
We have many General Hardware and Fittings including: Backing Plate, Top Clip, Bellows, Shift Cable, Binnacle Ring, Bulkhead Plate, C Link, Deck Bush, Deck Eye, Deck Fill, Plate, Dodger Hanks, Flush Ring, Grab Hook, Pelican, Swivel

Hatches, Portholes & Inspection
We have many Hatches, Portholes and Inspection including: Access Hatch, Utility Box, Bulkhead, Console, Inspection Plate, Port Hole, Frame, Brass, Porthole, Seal Ring

Plugs and Bungs
We have many Plugs and Bungs including: Bung & Socket, Deck Drain, Spare, Socket, Softwood, Set, Wood Plugs

We have many Quicklinks including: Stainless Steel, Various sizes 3mm - 16mm, Pearshaped

Split Rings
We have several Split Rings including: Cotter, Splitrings, Stainless Steel, Various Sizes, Packs Or Each

We have several Stanchion items including: Closed, Lead, Bullseye, Single, Mounting Eye, Backplate, Stainless Steel, Raked, Straight, Hole

We have several Steering items including: Steering Wheel, Traditional, Tiller, Extension, Telescopic, Spring, Trim, Tilt, Steering Fluid

We have several Swivels items including: Swivel Head, Stainless Steel, Eye And Eye, Various Sizes

We have several Ventilation and Vents including: Deck Fitting, Vent, Stainless Steel, Mushroom, Tank, Clamshell, Cowl, Solar, Engine Compartment, Vetus, Scirocco, UFO

Please also see our Sails and Rigging department for similar items

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